Call Centers

The flexible tools available within the RE-INVIG Unified Communications as a Service offering are ideal for versatile call center management. You can even support remote workers within your call pools for optimum flexibility and efficiency.

Small & Mid-Size Businesses

The perceived complexity of Cloud means many small business owners don’t fully appreciate the benefits it could deliver for their business. The RE-INVIG team is always happy to share our expert advice and help you assess how Cloud can help you meet your business goals.

Insurance & Financial Services

Compliance and digitalization might seem contrary forces at work in your organization, but they needn’t be. By integrating our secure Cloud services, office and productivity apps, and Unified Communications as a Service we can help you gain the benefits of digitalization while simplifying your compliance responsibilities.


RE-INVIG offers cloud and disaster recovery solutions that help you meet your compliance and auditing objectives. Encryption, anti-virus, intrusion detection, HIPAA reporting, and auditing support are all baked in. Plus, the convenience of choosing our single, integrated solution goes beyond “one throat to choke” in this sector – it simplifies your compliance, auditing and reporting too.