PRESS RELEASE: October 25, 2019 – LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Innovative MSP start-up RE-INVIG is now offering a combined package of Desktop as a Service with integrated Unified Communications as a Service.

RE-INVIG founder Ryan Ybarra commented: 

“This is an exciting new service that is ideal for SMEs and anyone managing distributed or virtual teams.  Desktop as a Service has many advantages for businesses: it’s secure, easy to use and manage, and quick to set up.  By working with our partners to offer an integrated communications and desktop service, we are offering a genuinely innovative solution with practical benefits for organizations of all types.”

By working with industry-leading technology partners, RE-INVIG is able to offer this uniquely integrated solution.  RE-INVIG works with select group of partners including Star2Star, Citrix, and iland. Star2Star is the only Citrix Master Service Provider that has integrated its unified communications applications directly into the Citrix Virtual Desktop Suite.

This combination of solutions offers users significant benefits, including possibilities for vertical-specific customization, StarPhone for Desktop Integration, and baked-in security concepts such as multi-factor authentication, encryption, and context-based access controls.

Ryan Ybarra said: 

“Organizations can use this novel solution to integrate telephony and desktop services for their office-based staff as well as for their remote workers and virtual teams.  There are huge advantages here – from the ease of implementing BYOD policies to the improved productivity and mobility without any compromise on security.  

What’s really exciting is the improved data security and potential for savings that follow from this – staffing and support costs can be reduced, and the total cost of ownership falls convincingly.  We see particular advantages for start-ups and distributed teams who need to minimize effort and maximize ease of use, while also opting for a highly secure and truly scalable desktop, productivity and communications solution for staff.”

RE-INVIG’s partnership with Star2Star gives its users access to great value telephony solutions with a wide range of optional advanced features, low usage costs, simple deployment and a service that has been optimized for use over the public Internet.

Each StarDaaS seat includes Microsoft Office with free upgrades, a 5GB Microsoft Exchange mailbox, the Star2Star Application Framework, StarPhone for Desktop and 5GB of aggregate storage per user.

For more information, interested parties are invited to contact Ryan Ybarra at RE-INVIG 


RE-INVIG delivers enterprise-quality communications and cloud solutions for small and mid-sized businesses.  It offers an industry-leading collection of integrated VoIP, Unified Communications, Cloud, Productivity, Desktop as a Service, VDI and back-up solutions to create an integrated IT services portfolio that can be tailored to meet any organization’s unique requirements.  A new breed of managed services provider, RE-INVIG seeks to transform the customer experience as a single point of contact for all organizational IT and connectivity requirements with an unparalleled commitment to delivering customer service excellence.  RE-INVIG currently serves its customers from four US locations with established tech sectors: Greater Los Angeles CA, and the cities of Orange County CA, Las Vegas NV, and Austin TX.

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