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Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Minimize business risk. Stay compliant. Protect your business with our award-winning disaster recovery solution. REINVIG will develop a disaster recovery plan and DRaaS solution based on your own RPOs and RTOs. You gain complete peace of mind that your critical business infrastructure and data can be recovered and reinstated following a disaster.

Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

Today, organizations of all kinds face an evolving cyber-security threat landscape, increasing activity from malicious actors, more frequent freak weather events, terrorist and rouge state threats, and a changing compliance and regulatory environment.  It all adds up to greater business risk – and makes business continuity planning essential.

As essential part of business continuity

Given how much we depend on our IT systems today, disaster recovery must be an essential element of any business continuity plan. REINVIG works with you to replicate your virtual and physical environments in our advanced secure Cloud infrastructure. Our team will work with you to architect a tailored disaster recovery plan and solution based on your own Return Point Objectives (RPOs), Return Time Objectives (RTOs) and compliance requirements.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Our Cloud-based Disaster Recovery as a Service leverages a range of tools to cover your entire infrastructure, whether cloud, on-premise or hybrid. Your legacy and physical systems can be replicated in our secure colocation datacenters. We use Zerto for your on-premise virtual workloads. We offer Veeam to work with your on-premise Veeam Availability Suite. And we offer native support of your VMware virtual environments and VCloud availability. In addition, we use Doubletake and a secure cloud-to-cloud recovery solution for other cloud provisioning and physical workloads.

Advanced security concepts

Each of the tools we have selected as part of our Disaster Recovery as a Service solution portfolio offers advanced security concepts. This includes disaster recovery management through our Secure Cloud Console which extends to flexible network layer choices, service metrics and advanced documentation.

Support when the worst happens

The Secure Cloud Console enables self-service failover and failback of workloads, plus recovery reporting and alerts. Our expert team are on hand to help you with all aspects of your disaster recovery plan – including change management and testing. This is vital because you don’t have a disaster recovery plan until you’ve tested it. We’ll support you to ensure testing has no impact on your production workloads – just as our recovery engineers will be there to support you if the worst happens.

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